Meet Dr. Kathleen Loscocco

Dr. Kathleen Loscocco
Dr. Loscocco specializes in functional approaches to problems in endocrine, gastrointestinal and immune systems. She also specializes in pain management, women’s health, oncology support, and emotional balancing. In addition, she has a wide breadth of expertise in many other areas of internal medicine (see Conditions Treated). Dr. Loscocco is known for her work with rare and difficult diseases, including those that have not yet been medically diagnosed due to their complexity. Dr. Loscocco values a collaborative team approach to each patient’s care, which includes teamwork with other doctors and therapists as needed or desired. Over the decades, Dr. Loscocco has helped many people bring their body, mind and spirit back into a balance that fosters health and wellness. Helping people to prevent health problems through cleansing and restorative maintenance programs is her joy. She has been studying therapeutic diets for over 40 years, and is well qualified to recommend individualized dietary plans for patients.
Education and Training

  • Doctorate Degree in Acupuncture and Asian Medicine, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), specializing in Pain Management and Women’s Primary Care.
  • Residency in Pain Management, TCM Neurology and Gynecology at Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, China
  • Internships in Post-Stroke/ Post-Trauma Rehabilitation with California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco
  • Clinical internship in specialized pulse evaluation (ten years duration) with Bob Levine, L.Ac.
  • Master of Science in Chinese Medicine, ACTCM
  • Internship at Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, and in the women’s health clinic of Dr. Lifang Liang in San Francisco
  • Training as a traditional naturopath in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Dr. Jay Scherer
  • Bachelor of Arts in World Religions, Wellesley College

A Lifetime Dedicated to Healthcare

Providing excellent healthcare alternatives has been Dr. Loscocco’s focus and delight since 1981. After training in traditional naturopathic medicine, she had a private practice as a naturopathic physician for 25 years in New Mexico. She also provided community medical services there for low-income rural patients. Dr. Loscocco developed and produced a line of herbal remedies throughout that time, which included wild harvesting of local herbs. With further studies, she realized that Asian Medicine had so much to offer her patients, particularly those with complex diseases. She pursued both Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Chinese medicine. She is grateful for having an integrative background of both western and eastern medicine, as it allows for more options in evaluating and treating each patient.

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