Services at Our Clinic

Private Acupuncture Sessions

Gentle effective needle technique. Moxibustion, cupping, guasha or electrotherapy may be used as needed. Needle-free options are available on request.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy

Gentle electromagnetic impulses for pain reduction, improvement of circulation and oxygenation, and relaxation.

Herbal Consultation: Eastern and Western Herbs

For patient convenience, there is an onsite herbal pharmacy. Medicines are conveniently formulated in capsules, liquids, and tablets (Prescriptions for raw herb soups are available).

Nutrition and Dietary Counseling

Individualized guidelines.

Lab Tests and Evaluation of Results

We can order lab work or we can recommend lab work that can be ordered through your primary care physician. Results will be explained to you.

Lifestyle and Transformation Guidance

Non-judgmental support for positive change

Initial Visit

The first session is usually 90 minutes. It involves a detailed evaluation of signs, symptoms and pulses, medical history taking, and a review of any available lab work. Recommendations are made, and there is usually time for a shorter acupuncture session.

Follow-up Visit

Follow up sessions are usually 60 minutes. Longer sessions can be requested. Follow up sessions involve evaluation of signs, symptoms and pulses, and a review of any new lab work. A full acupuncture treatment is given. Complete herbal, dietary and lifestyle recommendations are given.


24-Hour Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel an appointment, please give us at least 24 hours advance notice so that we may serve other people. Our policy is to charge the full price of the appointment fee for missed appointments.

510.828.7854        3756 Grand Ave, Suite 406, Oakland, CA 94610